Lewis Sharp Electronics

Equipment repairs for the entertainment industry

What we do


Audio mixing desks of all types and makes, from simple small analogue desks to complex digital systems, old legacy to new modern.
Yamaha, Midas, Allen & Heath, Behringer, Proel, etc, etc

Power amplifiers, very large to very small, old heavy to new lightwieght. analogue to digital

Speakers, from large high power systems to small vocal systems, from passive systems to modern day powered speakers. We can recone bass drivers and replace HF diaphragms. Some times a recone is not necessary as we have developed techniques to remove cones and repair the coils and tails. This is especially useful for speakers for which a recone kit is not available (its cheaper too!).

Then there's the gear that goes with all this, such as system controllers, effects processors, multicore cables (snakes), patch bays and digital/analogue stageboxes.

The of course there are all the radio systems out there, we have the equipment to analyse the RF frequency and power from any radio transmitter up to the 2.4Ghz band, manufacturers such as Shure, Trantec and Sennheiser have all been through our workshop over the last several years



This is a wide and varied field taking in famous names and unheard of names.
We make repairs to large complex moving head types to static types such as battons using LED and discharge lamps. 

We have extensive experience in fixing ballasts and power supplies used in these fixtures, particularly the large powerful types manfactured by the established manufacturers like Martin, Robe, Clay Paki, Varilite, and the new boys in town such as Chauvet, Showtec, etc etc.. There are more and more popping up all the time.

A blown ballast or switch mode power supply can be an expensive business to replace, especially if its a Martin, so it makes more sense to have it repaired.

Typical ballasts that have been through the workshop are

PVG 12-12
PVG 12-15
CCI MHL types
Then there are all the types of ballasts and PSUs made by the manufacturers themselves.

Ballasts and power supplies all follow the same design principles and so if yours isn't on the list above we can still deal with it.


Then there are the control circuit boards used in moving and static lights. Again, typical boards that we have seen in our workshop are


Mac2000 all versionsVL1000    Redwash
Mac500VL2500              200
Mac 250 all versionsVL3000DLF 
Atomic StrobeVL3500City scape    

​ We are not restricted to these of course, we will deal with any thing from any manufacturer.